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This Site uses cookies so this section gives you details of how cookies are used and how you can control whether to keep or delete cookies.

What is a cookie?

Pieces of information transferred to your computer’s hard disk from a website are known as “cookies”.


They are not computer programs, just small information files which allow websites to store and access information about a user’s browsing patterns.


Most websites use cookies, because they are part of the toolbox which makes the internet a great experience for users. Cookies allow websites to deliver personalized services (for example, remembering a login, keeping products in a shopping basket or showing content which is relevant).


There are different types of cookies: temporary cookies (or session cookies) are erased when the browser closes; persistent cookies are not erased but stay until they are actively erased or they expire (which is dependent on how long the website has programmed the cookie to last).

How to delete a cookie?

Most browsers are automatically set to accept cookies.


You may disable cookies on your browser, but remember that if you do, you may lose many features which are needed to enable the website to work properly.


If you’d like more detailed information about cookies, please visit which contains comprehensive and independent information about how to disable cookies using browser settings, and how to delete cookies already on your computer.


To delete cookies from your mobile phone you will need to consult your handset manual.

List of Essity Cookies

So that we can provide you with a personalized experience this Site uses cookies.

Each time you use the Site, cookies are transferred and/or accessed. The cookies are

listed below.

Cookie namePurposeType1/2/3 party cookieLife span
CookiesMessageHasBeenDisplayedAcceptance of cookiesFunctional1st1 week
_gaWeb analyticsPerformance1st24 months
_dc_gtm_UA-58470593-11Web analyticsPerformance1st30 minutes
_dc_gtm_UA-58470593-7Web analyticsPerformance1st30 minutes
_dc_gtm_UA-84029425-1Web analyticsPerformance1st30 minutes
_dc_gtm_UA-84029425-27Web analyticsPerformance1st30 minutes
_gat_UA-85913631-2Web analyticsPerformance1st30 minutes
__atuvsAdd This share functionFunctional1st24 months
__atuvcAdd This share functionFunctional1st1 hour
cookiebarAcceptance of cookiesFunctional1st1 week
di2Add this share functionFunctional1st2 years
locAdd this share functionFunctional1st2 years
musAdd this share functionFunctional1st2 years
s_fidAdobe site catalystPerformance1st4 years
s_nrAdobe site catalystPerformance1st149 days
s_viAdobe site catalystPerformance1stsession
uidAdd this share functionFunctional1stsession
UmAdd this share functionFunctional1st2 years
UvcAdd this share functionFunctional1st2 years
vcAdd this share functionFunctional1st2 years
SscAdd this share functionFunctional1st2 years
SshAdd this share functionFunctional1st2 years
SshsAdd this share functionFunctional1st2 years
_gaHotjarPerformance1st15 months
Intercom-idHotjarPerformance1st9,5 years


Accepting the Terms of Use

By accepting the Terms of Use as well as by accessing and using the Site, you consent to the use of the cookies. You may also consent to our use of cookies by the settings you have made in your web browser.