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It’s not easy to get through the day with a venous or lymphatic disease, or with lipedema. That’s why we support you with plenty of information on everything you need to know about your symptoms and how to manage them, plus an easy way to find local dealers for our compression garments and bandages. Our goal is simple: to bring you innovative products that offer comfort, style and relief – so you can live your lifestyle without compromise, despite your venous or lymphatic conditions, or your lipedema.

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Whether you want to manage daily symptoms or are looking for support when traveling or pregnant, JOBST products deliver the ultimate quality and have been designed for easy use and comfortable wearing experience. They are tailored to your needs – so you can keep moving through your day in comfort, good health and with style.


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At JOBST, we’re committed to sharing our in-depth knowledge and expertise, so you can stay in control of your venous or lymphatic condition, and of your lipedema, and boost your quality of life. Whether you’ve just been diagnosed, have been living with symptoms for years or want to support a loved one in daily life, there’s always more to learn about compression therapy and how it can empower to live the desired life – with confidence and without compromise.

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Compression for Maternity

A simple brochure for patients which provides insights into the use of compression during pregnancy

Your Guide to Healthy Legs

A simple and practical guide to keeping your legs in good health

Jobst Farrow Wrap

Your guide to independently managing oedema with an adjustable compression device