JOBST® Confidence

Compression for those who love to move freely

JOBST Confidence helps you feel unrestricted in body and mind, with a one-of-a-kind fit garment that’s as unique as you are.


Expertly designed to address the needs of mild to moderate lymphoedema patients, JOBST Confidence supports your journey towards improved health and therapy goals and empowers you to live your best life with lymphoedema. 

Introducing a new era of comfort with the next-generation of flat-knit technology 

  • Contour Fit -Innovative knitting method allows for high ability to conform to individual body shapes
  • Soft & Firm -Made with a supple conforming fabric that also gives the reassurance of firm support
  • Moisture Management -Advanced moisture management system with double-layer construction for optimal wearing comfort
  • Easy Donning -Flexible, conforming fabric is designed to make putting on and taking off easier


Inspired by patient needs and developed with next-generation Contour Fit Technology

The key to the advanced comfort that JOBST Confidence provides lies in the optimized knitting process. Developed with unique Contour Fit Technology, JOBST Confidence garments conform to your body shape even more accurately than ever before. This personally refined fit not only provides comfort but also allows you to move more freely in your daily life.


The New Contour Fit Technology

JOBST Confidence stands out from traditional flat-knit with its unique Contour Fit technology, that supports a true personalization of garment fit. This technological breakthrough delivers a one-of-a-kind garment that is as unique as you! 


Empowering you to self care with Confidence!

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